Being Bored When You’re Quitting Drinking

Call us today for a free, confidential consultation. Unstructured time leads to unpredictable behaviors, which are problematic in recovery. Understanding this connection is the first step towards breaking the cycle. Our brain also becomes accustomed to the presence of alcohol and starts to see it as the “new normal.” So when there’s no alcohol, things seem a bit off. The brain starts to signal the craving for alcohol, not just to seek pleasure but also to restore what it perceives as normalcy.

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In this article, we’ll unpack bored drinking and help you figure out whether boredom is a drinking trigger. Then we’ll show you how to better manage boredom and avoid unhealthy drinking patterns. Yet, if boredom eating is affecting your mental or physical health with side effects like weight gain and anxiety, you may be looking for a way to stop. Sometimes all it takes to get your mind off food when you’re feeling bored is a little change of scenery. If you’re feeling content with your food choices for the day, you might be less likely to reach for a snack when you’re bored.

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Alcohol addiction rehab programs should address substance use as well as any underlying co-occurring mental health disorders. The most effective treatment provides access to ongoing therapy, skills training, group or peer support, relapse avoidance techniques, and prescribed medications, if necessary. Taking a personalized approach allows many families and individuals the chance to adjust treatment to best suit lifestyle, needs, and long-term goals. Boredom is a relapse trigger that often gets used as an excuse to return to alcohol or drugs. If people do not feel like their life in recovery is meaningful and fun they begin to miss the bad old days.

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If you need a medical diagnosis and treatment plan, you are advised to speak to a doctor or suitable medical professional. It is impossible for alcohol to relieve boredom. It does nothing to change any external circumstances. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I say stopping drinking isn’t just about stopping drinking. About 50% of people who drink in this group have alcohol use disorder.

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Seeking treatment is never an easy step to take. The decision is often met with doubt, questioning if sobriety is attainable. It can also spark feelings of shame, guilt, and resentment. However, the variety of treatment options make it easier for individuals and families to focus on moderate consumption or complete abstinence. Also know what you are going to drink and select from alcohol alternatives.

drinking when bored

Start journaling.

The setting, working on and achieving goals is practiced by (almost) all successful people. The way alcohol is portrayed and the reality of its effects are miles away from each other. If I buy those products and I use them, the marketing has served its purpose. I feel good about my buying decision and the product has added value to my life.

  • Stopping at the moment to look around at what’s happening, what emotions you are experiencing, sensations, and thoughts that are present, bringing awareness, and then making a choice.
  • By engaging in these activities, you can effectively quit drinking, replace boredom drinking, and promote a healthier lifestyle in 2024.
  • Boredom is a big danger area when we’re trying to quit.
  • It’s pretty normal to reduce the entire experience of boredom in sobriety to missing alcohol and believing that getting drunk is the primary way you (and everyone else) have fun.
  • In physics, the law of inertia states that a body at rest stays in rest unless acted on by an outside force.

How to Avoid Boredom

If these problems persist, professional help may be needed. A Qualified mental health professional or psychiatrist can help and assist in managing these symptoms. But if you can’t or aren’t able to do a group class, at the very least, take a tech-free 30-minute walk every day. drinking because of boredom I promise it will do wonders for your mental health, which, in turn, will help you feel motivated to do more things. Exercise is critically important in early sobriety and for ongoing mental health and wellness. It’s a great way to boost dopamine and endorphin levels naturally.

  • Tips to change this habit include planning the diet, eating mindfully, and making changes to the environment in which a person eats their food.
  • Ignoring the harmful effects of alcohol consumption and regularly indulging can have short-term and long-term effects on your health.
  • Downplaying the seriousness of alcohol misuse and addiction can have impactful ramifications.
  • Replacing boredom drinking with enjoyable and fulfilling activities can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle and improve your mental health.
  • Self-medicating can drastically impact overall health and well-being.
  • When I got sober, I realised dysfunctional coping mechanisms are everywhere.

Get on Google, find a class, and make it happen. Plus, you might meet some cool people, and that’s always a double win. Before I started drinking too much, I loved to write. I kept a notebook and pen beside my bed in case I woke up in the middle of the night with a brilliant song lyric or poem. Remember, it’s not that sobriety is terrible, but that your brain is trying to grapple with the sudden loss of dopamine. I realized that sobriety was not fundamentally boring.

How To Overcome The Boredom When You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

drinking when bored

Mindfulness practices and stress management techniques can empower you to cope with boredom and negative emotions without turning to alcohol. Practicing mindfulness can help you become more aware of your emotions and triggers, so you can avoid turning to alcohol out of boredom. Stress management techniques can also help you manage difficult situations without alcohol.

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